Monday, February 15, 2021

RootsTech Connect 2021: The Programs

RootsTech Connect is almost here. The 2021 version of the world's largest family history gathering begins in just over a week. In stead of thousands of genealogists converging on Salt Lake City, this year the conference is virtual and FREE. 

So far more than 200,000 individuals from more than 200 countries have registered. Have you? It's not to late. You may need from now until next week to plan the presentations you wish to watch. There are literally hundreds of programs you can watch. If you wish to start planning your conference time, look at the latest list of topics and presenters who will be available. The following list was updated yesterday. To download the list you will need to copy and paste the following link into your browser:[0]=AT2iAYlsBbq0OH43vduSC4Mp27cM8Tmx9DqkiGNdMvQOM1LpQ_9soDGzwDukTRzgaBw7oMMnRViRpxL_9kAijgC8AF4LwJ990TBvlTr3o_wbi0UYewrSOg7SZrKx0UK0L77j8qqbra2MyLI65hJ8P5WWe4veiqZ39p-PnWkvBsUZNxVWW4FyaiuXyegSHrfbO3x_gmeqDIVQyiHIoxe8mg3kKYl0eA 

You will note there are no dates and times listed. If you still need to register FREE for the conference, you can do so at:  

No round trip travel to Salt Lake City and no hotel room required!! 

All these courses are available on demand only. They are available for the next year. The first half of the pages are the list in alphabetical order. The last half is the same list in region order.
The main thing missing right now are the classes taught in the other languages besides English and ASL. That will come this week.
This list was only provided because the new website isn’t ready to launch and registrants wanted to see a list of classes.