Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take a look at the beta FamilySearch Catalog

Take a look at the beta FamilySearch Catalog. FamilySearch is beta testing a new portal catalog and is looking for your feedback. Take a look at this now while you can participate in shaping this important tool into something that can be useful to you and others in the future. It certainly has a cleaner look than the previous version. Share your thoughts about it in the comments box below AND with the development team through the above link.



  1. I do like this site - was able to find a couple of items with new info not found on other sites. However, it did create more questions; which is a good thing?? Maybe that's why I haven't been able to find more.

  2. I am unsure at this point. Having to create a NEW? account and not being a LDS member, I do wonder if the info will now be limited because of this. I am inclined to agree with Cathy's thoughts as well.

  3. Susan,
    Family Search has announced that the new site will be open to the public after it is out of the developments stage. No date for that has been announced, but the word on the street is that they are shooting for an opening by the end of 2010. Stay tuned.