Friday, May 27, 2011

Y-chromosome Information about your Paternal Line BEFORE You Test: Part 2

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Next you can go to go to Ysearch. This is a site on a server operated by FTDNA. However, anyone who has tested at any lab can enter Y-chromosome results here. This is a site to find matches of between individuals who have tested at different labs. It is up to the individual to enter his results here. Although it is easy to automatically transfer results from FTDNA to Ysearch, do not assume that most of those tested have done so. Those tested at other labs must enter results manually.

To find if anyone of your surname and location has results at Ysearch, enter the website and follow these steps:

1.      1. Select the “SEARCH BY LAST NAME” tab.

2.      2. Enter the surname of interest in the top search box. Note that you need to enter the words you see at the bottom of the page in the appropriate box to prevent data mining by automated programs. Some of the words given are seriously distorted and hard to make out. You may have to click on the reload button to the right of the box to request another set of words if you have difficulty reading those presented.

3.      3. Click on the “Search” button and wait patiently. If the “Search” button grays out, the program is searching.

4.      4. Carefully examine the spelling of surnames and origins.

5.      5. Click on the “User ID” for any entry that looks promising. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. Often this will lead to notes that have been entered by the person who posted that entry.

6.      6. If the entry still looks promising, click on “Contact this user”. This will allow you to sent a blind email to the listing individual. Be sure to enter the code given in the bottom box below your message.

7.      7.Return to the results page you got after Step 3 above. See if any entry of interest has “Show” in the Pedigree column. This indicates that a GEDCOM file pedigree has been uploaded. If you do not see the desired surname, look for a red arrow on the right margin that is pointing to a continuation of the chart on another page.

8.      8. Actually, if you are interested in looking for surnames that are not on your direct paternal line you can return to the results page after Step 2 above. Click on the number in the box under “Pedigree” This will display all instances of your surname of interest in uploaded GEDCOMs no matter whether or not it is on the paternal line or not. Follow the procedure for either Step 5 or 7 above if appropriate.

This will not take the place for actual testing. You will never be sure your paternal line is a direct connection unless you have test results from an individual to whom you know you are closely related. However, these steps will give you something to do during the weeks you are impatiently waiting for results to come back from the lab.

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