Thursday, November 17, 2011

Many Genes Associated With More Than One Disease

Grace Rattue reported on Monday in Medical News Today,

"According to investigators at the University of Edinburgh, individuals who carry specific genes, including some accountable for Parkinson's disease, some cancers and heart disease, may be at risk of developing other health problems. Although researchers have long suspected that different diseases are genetically associated, to date there has been insufficient systematic evidence to prove it. The study is published online in the American Journal of Human Genetics."

In that article the investigators state, 

"Showing that genes are linked to more than one disease is very important. We have shown that this is a common finding and not just an exception. Anyone who goes for genetic testing should be aware that in future, any information they receive about individual genes could have wider implications than they or the clinician immediately realize. They could also influence the risk of other conditions, so being aware of these wider effects is important."

For more information on this phenomena read Many Genes Associated With More Than One Disease.

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