Sunday, December 25, 2011

Goodbye California---Hello Tennessee

Friday Denise, RaggZ and I will depart our lovely home for the last 16 years in Morro Bay and head for new adventures in Nashville. Our new apartment will be part of a continuing care retirement complex located half a mile from the home of Jon, Shana, Noah and Simon. We will be an easy day's drive (or one hour flight) from Lee, Michelle, Jared, Jayson and Justin in the south Chicago suburbs; and a day and a half (or hour and a half flight) from Jason, Kindra, Alex and Devin in Virginia Beach. Debbie and Chris will be slightly farther away in NYC but are likely to return to Atlanta (CDC) in 2013 when mayor Bloomberg terms out. Debbie's position as Director of Special Projects reports to the Commissioner of Public and Mental Health who is a political appointee who serves at the pleasure of the mayor.
Our new address in Richland Place ( will be:
500 Elmington Ave, Apt 426
Nashville, TN 37205
Y'all come.

We should lower the average age among the 137 independent living units. We are very reluctantly leaving our window on the Pacific but are looking forward to spending more time with our seven grandsons.

We haven't had time to get out Christmas cards this year. One of our New Year's resolutions is to get out greetings early in 2012 when we arrive in Nashville. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Now I need to get back to packing boxes!

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