Thursday, August 23, 2012

72 Hour DNA Sale @ FTDNA

Family Tree DNA has just announced a three day sale aimed at individuals who have not yet tested. If you are interested in exploring cousins in any line of your pedigree chart, this would be a great opportunity to start. These test bundles both include the Family Finder autosomal test which is good at finding close cousins on any of your lines. It will return matches with some of your more distant cousins who have tested but not all of them. Your match rate becomes significantly and increasingly smaller with each generation beyond third cousin. 

Both men and women can take advantage of this sale. However, women can only take the Family Finder + mtDNA option as women do not have Y-chromosome DNA. The Y-DNA 12 and the mtDNA tests bundled with Family Finder for this sale are entry level tests. They will give a vague indication of deep ancestry but matches at this level will not be useful for identifying specific relatives in the database. On the other hand, they can definitely eliminate many potential relatives who belong to different ancient tribes than the person being tested. While the Family Finder test is as definitive as any autosomal test on the market, the two tests with which it is bundled for this sale should be considered as entry level only. Those taking advantage of the sale price for genealogical purposes, will probably want to expand the Y-chromosome or the mitochondrial portions at a later date--possibly at the next sale aimed at existing customers. 

Dear Family Tree DNA Project Administrator,
This is a courtesy e-mail to you about a promotion that we have announced to all our customers, and therefore you don't need to re-post it in your administrators' bulk e-mail system.
It seems that every time we run a super sale that a few people email us days later that they were traveling, sick or just hadn't looked at their emails in time, so for all of you who have wanted to entice a friend, neighbor or reluctant relative to get involved in Genetic Genealogy here's one more opportunity, but it will last for only 72 hours.
These are the only two options on sale, and they are geared specifically for newcomers. This sale will end on Saturday, August 25, at 11:59PM.
New Customers Only
Current Price
As with all promotions, orders need to be placed by the end of the sale and payment must be made by end of this sale. Learn More

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