Tuesday, January 22, 2013

AncestrybyDNA is NOT Ancestry.com's DNA Service

Last night my wife forwarded me a Living Social promotion. She has been introduced to several local services and products through Living Social with which we were not previously familiar. Through Living Social we also found a very nifty bed and breakfast, in Danville, Kentucky called The Farm that both of us love. 

The introductory offer she found yesterday was to AncestrybyDNA. This company has been around for a while. However, now that Ancestry.com has developed a beta version of an autosomal DNA test, it appears that AncestrybyDNA is willing to exploit possible consumer confusion between the two products. A few comments on Yelp seem to confirm that this has been the case for some customers.

For a fuller discussion of this service, see CeCe Moore's review in her popular genetic genealogy blog, Your Genetic Genealogist. Whether or not customers are confusing these two companies, I agree with CeCe that even Ancestry.com's new autosomal test is not the gold standard in this market--at least not yet. Let the buyer beware. 


  1. I think all of this crap has gotten way out of hand. Something/someone really needs to COME DOWN on all of them and get things straigntened out. Buyer beware is NOT the answer.

  2. They offer 50% refund and only if you complain trough the BBB.

  3. I got totally duped. This is trademark infringement surely!!! I am furious. They refuse to give us a refund