Monday, February 4, 2013

DNA and Genealogy Help Identify Richard III

The University of Leicester this morning in a press conference announced that remains dug up in a car park were beyond a reasonable doubt those of King Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet monarchs, who died in battle in 1485:

  •  Wealth of evidence, including radiocarbon dating, radiological evidence, DNA and bone analysis and archaeological results, confirms identity of last Plantagenet king who died over 500 years ago

  • DNA from skeleton matches two of Richard III's maternal line relatives. Leicester genealogist verifies living relatives of Richard III's family

  • For more information check the BBC site. That site is being updated frequently this morning with this breaking news.

    Ann Turner just suggested this University of Leicester site with more details of the DNA that was compared.

    CNN has additional details as well.

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    1. There has to be more to the DNA evidence than what has been posted so far. The mitochondrial DNA for the skeleton that has been released so far IS NOT INCONSISTENT with that of documented descendants of Richard's mother. However, it is not sufficient, taken alone, to give the kind of certainty the experts seem to feel. Turi King is a respected geneticist. I don't think she would associate herself with such an announcement unless she was pretty sure of the identification. Stay tuned. There must be other shoes to fall as more DNA evidence is eventually released.