Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Autosomal DNA Transfer Sale

FTDNA has announced a limited time sale of transfers of your autosomal DNA test results from 23andMe (Relative Finder) and Ancestry. The advantages of so doing are primarily to allow you to "fish in another pond" for potential cousins who have tested at FTDNA but not at the service at which you have already tested and to be able to compare your all your matches with FTDNA's analysis tools. If you already have Family Finder results, you will gain only a very minimal benefit from such a transfer. Note below that earlier versions of 23andMe's Relative Finder test are not compatible with the upgrade process.

Autosomal DNA Transfer  was $99.00   now  $49.00
The $49 Introductory fee will provide you with a Family Tree DNA personal page   which will allow you to:
  • View matches related within about the last 5 generations and predicted relationship ranges.*
  • See percentages of your ancestral make-up from 62 world reference populations such as Native-American, Middle Eastern (including Jewish), African, West and East European.
  • Confirm close relationships regardless of gender.
  • Generate additional genealogical information..
Please note, uploaded files are batched once a week then run through the conversion program. Results take between 6-10 weeks based on volume. You will be notified by e-mail when your results are available.
*You will be matched with others who have also taken the Family Finder test. However, if you come from an under-represented population, it is possible that you will not find matches right away. Your matches largely depend on how your DNA compares to our database. As our database is constantly growing, we will send you e-mail notifications about any new matches calculated to be third cousins or closer.
The 23andMe© V2 test, sold prior to November 24, 2010,is NOT compatible with our Family Finder product and is NOT accepted in the Autosomal DNA Transfer.
IMPORTANT: Your results from Family Tree DNA compared to another company's results will be similar, however, they WILL NOT be exact. Due to Family Tree DNA's proprietary algorithm your matches, centiMorgan totals, and centimorgan length will vary.
ATTENTION: If you are already a Family Tree DNA customer, please log into your personal account to transfer your third party results and avoid creating a duplicate record.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the transfer. I just transferred my brother's DNA from Ancestry and just may do another brother from 23andme! However, I have receive the least amount of connections through FTDNA than any other site. What's up with that?

  2. There are now 3 companies which test autosomal DNA and give genealogicaly relevant information. GENO 2.0 from National Geographic is aimed primarily at where our ancestors were thousands of years ago -- long before we had surnames.

    Of the other 3, FTDNA is the oldest having been founded in 2000. It is the only one focus exclusively on genetic genealogy. FTDNA's tools, matching mechanism and clientele are all aimed at using DNA to advance our genealogical research. It is the only one of the big 3 that emphasizes Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA testing. However, its database of autosomal testers is not the largest.

    23andMe only tests autosomal DNA and probably has a quarter of a million individuals tested. However, many of those people tested for the health related results and do not respond to genealogists who match them and want to identify common ancestors.

    Ancestry is the latest entrant into this game. They were able to rely on those of us who subscribe to their database to build up DNA samples quickly. Both 23andMe and FTDNA have been offering autosomal testing for more than three years. Ancestry only about a year and their tools for "exploiting" and understanding our matches are not as mature as those of the other two. That may be coming.

    Some of us genetic genealogist junkies have tested at all of them so our test results are in multiple databases.

    I'm not sure my long answer fully addresses your question. If it doesn't, try to refocus me.