Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dr D's 15 Minutes of Fame

Dr D got his 15 minutes of fame yesterday. Let me share it with you as I prepare to get back to the real world.

Dr D talks about adding DNA testing to genealogical tool kits at the
Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society in January, 2014. 
(photo courtesy of the Tennessean.)

Four weeks ago, Tony Gonzalez, a reporter for the Tennessean contacted me a couple of days before I was to present to the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society a program on DNA as a new 21st century addition to a genealogist's toolkit. He asked for permission to bring along a photographer (see above). 

Ten days later Tony interviewed me for two and a half hours and brought along a second photographer. By then I knew that there would probably be a story published. But I had no idea what the focus would be, when it might run or what the placement in the paper would be.

A few days ago Tony told me that the article would run on Saturday unless there was breaking news that postponed it. Yesterday morning I logged in to the online version of the Tennessean before the paper version was delivered to our door. I was blown away by what I saw:

There dominating the front page of section one was Tony's story! It was continued on an inside page where the above picture was included. Click on this link to read the full story

By being considered to be "Science and Research" genealogy had moved from the hobby section of the family section to page 1, above the fold and on the left side of the page! WOW!

Now I need to come down to earth, do my laundry and get back to doing genealogy.


  1. Congratulations, Dr. D! Excellent article and exposure for genealogy and DNA testing.

    You've got more than your 15 minutes, I think. Now people will start asking you long complicated questions about their own DNA and totally believe what you tell them.

  2. Thanks Randy, but your vision is a little daunting.

  3. Congratulations Dave, This is so cool.. I'm saving to my family scrapbook..