Friday, October 24, 2014

NextGen Genealogy: The DNA Connection to Printer?

According to the schedule established by the publisher last summer, NextGen Genealogy: The DNA Connection should have gone to the publisher yesterday. Did it? Only time will tell. As some of you may have heard me say, I was born in Missouri, the "Show Me" state. Therefore, I only believe things after I have seen them. Since I am a slow learner, I often don't believe them until two weeks after I have seen them.

The official publication date for the book is November 30th, 2014. That hurdle should easily be met. The project was on schedule when I submitted the corrected page proofs and the index on September 25th. Since then it has been totally out of my hands.

If any of you are interested in getting copies, they are available through the publisher, Amazon and other outlets. 

This post is taking far longer than I had intended. As I went through the process of writing and creating links. I found many distractions. My original intent was to warn potential buyers of two possibly misleading bits of information in the advanced publicity. 

CeCe is NOT a co-author 

CeCe Moore was originally contracted to be a writing partner for this book. The book would have been better if she had been able to participate. However, her commitments to other projects did not allow her to meet our publication deadline. You occasionally will see her name associated with the book. I don't want you to buy the book under false pretenses. Once a book project is underway, it is like trying to get an aircraft carrier to change course to get all the databases corrected to reflect mid-project changes. The publisher originally had both my name and CeCe's on the cover. Amazon picked up that version. The publisher then amended the cover and Amazon updated the cover icon. However, Amazon continued to list her as a co-author and to include a short bio on the book page. 

I had been led to believe that only the publisher could submit changes to Amazon. This morning, after I started this post, I went though my author page at Author Central at Amazon. From there I was able to find a link to request a change in the product description, As soon as I submitted my request, my phone rang. After a couple of minutes of beautiful music, a human came on the line. After I explained the situation, she said the change would be made within three business days. It was made within three minutes.

You will find other venues which still list CeCe. My publisher's Fall catalog which is now live on the website is one example. She is actually good for sales; but I don't want buyers to be disappointed.

Electronic version

Unless you are buying the book for a public library, you probably would not be interested in the digital version of this book. My publisher is great in marketing books to libraries and college bookstores. The 21st century consumer market is not something that the company has mastered. To them digital version does not equate to Kindle. It means reading the book on the company server. Many public and academic libraries buy rights to have their patron be able to read books of this publisher online. In your case let the buyer beware.

Purchase options

The book is available for preorder. If you chose to order it through the publisher, you can use the following discount flyer. Shipping is probably extra. 

If you have Amazon Prime that includes free shipping, I'm not sure whether or not the above discount would make your total price less expensive.

Book length

The book is at least 30% longer that the advanced advertising would suggest. The 136 pages was a place holder that the publisher inserted before the first draft of the manuscript had been submitted. The index of the finished book begins on page 167. I hope you enjoy and learn from it. Let me learn from your feedback.

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