Sunday, September 13, 2015

Family Finder finds Family Bible

Last month I had a totally serendipitous great find that got me past one of my priority brick walls. Wish I could tell you about the clever search strategy I employed to pull this one off. However, it just fell into my lap. My greatest contribution was placing my lap in a very fortuitous location -- on the Family Finder results page at FTDNA. In retrospect that placement did not appear to be very carefully planned. It was on page 51 of my list of matches there -- not a place some of us eagerly scrutinize every day. 

However, my match had other ideas. His "find" was brought to my attention in an introductory email:
I noticed in my family finder “matches” that we share common the ancestors Isaac & Patsy Adams.  If I have figured this right, that would make us 3rd cousins once removed.  
It got my full attention because Isaac and Patsey (REEVES) ADAMS were indeed my 2nd great-grandparents. I had recently found Patsey's ancestors but had had no success with the same for Isaac. I immediately verified that my match had calculated our relationship exactly correctly. I was spurred on by the brief second paragraph of his email to me: 
I have the Isaac Newton Adams family bible in my possession.  It has birth dates for the children.  If you wish I can make you a scan of those pages.
This Bible was copyrighted in 1834.

According to the above information this Bible was purchased by Isaac Adams in Richmond, KY within a few days of his marriage to Patsy in December, 1834.

So much for the preliminaries. Inside the Bible was some great family information:

Birth dates for Isaac, Patsey and their children. Death dates for Isaac and Patsey. 

Parents names for Isaac & Patsey.
Additional children and grandchildren.

Based on the Bible information I was able to find tombstone images for Isaac's parents John and Susannah (PLOWMAN) ADAMS in the Red Lick Cemetery near Duluth, Kentucky in the southeastern corner of Madison County.

In the marriage records for Madison County for 1808, "Consent: William Williams, Guardian of the Bride" suggests that Susannah's father was probably dead before her marriage to John. Guardianship records are now high on my priority list.

DNA did not directly give me the identity of my 3rd great-grandparents. However, it did lead the person to me who had the Bible that had that information. Our match only totaled 32 cMs and the longest segment was 10.5 cMs. However, I'll gladly take it. Thank you Family Finder and a diligent 3rd cousin - once removed who connected the dots for me!

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