Monday, November 13, 2017

FTDNA's Holiday Sale 2017

Some of you may have already noticed that the FTDNA Holiday Sale was launched yesterday afternoon. Below is the official company price list that was handed to attendees of the group project administrators conference immediately after the launch:

Those of you who have observed these sales for the last few years, have come to expect additional presents to appear on your FTDNA page each Monday during the sale which is expected to run through December.

When you click on the "Holiday Reward" icon, a discount code is revealed which is good through the following Sunday night Houston time. For example this week my coupon is good for an additional $20 off the sale price of a y67 marker test. If you manage multiple accounts, be sure to check each of them each week to maximize you chances to find the best discounts.

A secondary marketplace has already grown up to regift these "Reward" codes. If you received a y67 discount code as I did but instead need a mtDNA test, you can deposit your unneeded code(s) at locations like this site and "shop" for discounts on the tests you need. Check back often as the bigger discounts will be posted at any time during the week as more people log into their accounts for the first time that week or they decide they cannot use a particular test. There can be some strategy involved as you decide whether to take advantage of a small discount or wait a week or so as you hope to locate a larger discount.

Happy Holiday shopping to all of us as we cooperate to build our cousin matching databases to benefit us all!

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