Monday, April 1, 2019

DNA Learning Opportunities In Burbank

Back in 2013 the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG) worked with the Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) to append a special pre-Jamboree DNA Thursday leading into the usual pattern of Genealogy Jamboree. This allowed a forum for DNA topics which had not generally been covered within the traditional Jamboree series of program topics. This has now become an annual tradition. At the same time DNA related programs have been included within the Friday through Sunday programing. This year there are at least a dozen DNA related programs offerings during the main Jamboree weekend schedule. THESE ARE IN ADDITION TO THE SPECIAL DNA THURSDAY TOPICS! 


Writing in the Jamboree blog, Megan Lee lists the weekend DNA dozen. You can check out her full post by clicking here. The 12 programs she features are these:

DNA Presentations during the Jamboree 50th Birthday Bash:
On early Sunday morning, I will be presenting:  "Does Using GEDmatch to Solve Cold Case Jeopardize Our Genetic Privacy?"
I will also be part of the late Friday afternoon panel  "Meet the DNA Experts". Attendees at these two events must be registered for Jamboree. 

If a registration fee is too rich for your budget, on Friday morning from 10:30 to 12:00, I will be one of the table hosts for the 12 JamboFREE World Round Table DNA sessions:

DNA World Roundtables
Free! A unique opportunity to talk to an expert and learn from fellow attendees. Twelve current topics in DNA; twelve tables with a table host and 9 participants; ask questions, seek answers and discuss. Get help on topics such as: Beginning to Intermediate DNA Tools; Build Your Pedigree with the Help of Autosomal DNA; DNA Testing with Emphasis on VA and the Carolinas (including descendants of slaves and slave owners); Follow your Male Line with Y-DNA (emphasis on the I Haplogroup); Genetic Genealogy for Beginners; How to order a Test for Paternal and Maternal Ancestry; Introduction to Genetic Genealogy for African Americans; Introduction to DNA Painter for your Autosomal Tests; Solving Unknown Parentage; Welcome to DNA - What Help Do You Need?; Which DNA Test is Best to Meet Your Needs? Beg., Int., Adv.
I'd be pleased to meet you at any of these three programs. 

While the above sessions are going on, there will be more traditional genealogical research programs from which you can chose.  

For those of you seeking a total immersion in DNA, Thursday is planned with you in mind. This is a separate registration from that for the main Jamboree:

Genetic Genealogy 2019 - Thursday, May 30

  • World-class Full-Day Conference
  • Get in on the Latest Discoveries
  • 25 Classes and 18 Speakers
  • For All Levels of Experience
  • Can attend any session when you pay for the entire conference (no session reservations required)
A detailed list of these activities may be found here. Onward to Burbank!

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