Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have you tried FamilySearch Beta?

If you have not tried the new FamilySearch Beta search engine, you owe yourself a treat. Throughout 2010 FamilySearch has been aggressively converting microfilm images to digital and continues to do so at an exciting pace.

For the most effective searching experience you should try out the advanced search options that are available by clicking on "Show Advanced". A couple of caveats however are in order, if you are using the advanced search, don't put in too many items and require them to be "exact" matches or you will miss many relevant images. You may eliminate all matches altogether. Start out with a little fuzzier search and gradually add more information or "exactness" if you need to exclude irrelevant results. Also remember to clear all of the boxes of information and settings from one search before you try another.

There are some fantastic images here that have not previously been available online. Explore and enjoy!

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