Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unfortunate Gravestones

Have you ever seen a tombstone that gave you a laugh? If the deceased had a sense of humor, they can continue to amuse us long after they are gone. I guess some of the stones shown in the linked sites were not intended to be funny. Therefore with apologies to any of your who may be offended by personal names or "bathroom humor", here are several versions of "Unfortunate Gravestones" published on the WWW. One made "list of the day" back in March. "A September post by Jotter of a Rotter" contains some overlap and some new entries.

One of my dad's favorite jokes was about a lawyer named Strange. The lawyer left specific instructions that when he died he wanted his tombstone only to say, "Here lies an honest lawyer." He knew that was enough information for passersby to know, "That's Strange."

I hope this is enough stimulation to get you out to document the graves of your ancestors and perhaps find a little humor along the way.

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