Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Tree Maker for Mac is Here

Need another gift suggestion for yourself or others? today announced the availability of Family Tree Maker for Mac. This is not a terribly exciting event for me as I am a PC kind of person. I'm not even a big fan of the PC version of Family Tree Maker which has been around for two decades. I did use it as my primary genealogy software for a while back in the 1990s. However, Family Tree Maker has always been more widely available in the retail marketplace than most of its competitors.

Family Tree Maker of Mac continues that exposure. If you are a family history researcher of the Mac persuasion, this could be a game changer. If for no other reason, it will offer stiff competition for Reunion which has long had most of the Mac market to itself. At the very least it should benefit consumers by causing Reunion to be more competitive on price. Still at an introductory price of $69.99, FTM for Mac is still more that twice what comparably featured PC based genealogy programs like RootsMagic and Legacy go for. It's three times the holiday sale price for RootsMagic that I blogged about yesterday.

If you have already invested your money and time in a Mac learning curve, FTM is available for purchase online from Ancestry and it is also available in select retail stores, including Apple Stores, Amazon, Office Depot, and Office Max. 
Ancestry claims the Mac version is functionally similar to the PC version Family Tree Maker 2010. Interesting, Family Tree Maker 2011 is already being sold for $39.99. Is the Mac version already a version behind or was that a typo?

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