Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Other End Of My Family Tree

Dr. D and wife Denise are on a month long road trip so posts may be slow for a while. We are visiting all our kids, grandkids and other relatives. Since Denise does not fly and all our descendants now live east of the Mississippi River, once we drive from California, we try to visit as many friends and family as possible. We are now in Hammond, IN, in the Chicago area, visiting the family of Denise's older son--Lee.

We have already visited my Aunt Zelma in Wichita. She and my Aunt Margaret in California are the only ones on my dad's side of the family who are keeping me from becoming part of the older generation. On my mother's side of the family, I have been part of the old older generation for a dozen years. We also visited Zelma's daughter Diane--my cousin. Then we had a delightful visit with cousin Mary Scott and husband Bob in Gladstone, MO.

Tomorrow we drive to the Cleveland area to visit Denise's Uncle Tom and cousin Noreen. Then on to Virginia Beach to visit of the new home of Denise's younger son Jason. Then on to a lunch meeting with cousin Rex Haynes in North Carolina enroute to Atlanta to visit my daughter. Then on to Nashville to for Thanksgiving with my son Jon and his extended family. We will be back in California early in December.

During this trip I am interacting with living family members instead of on digging up dead ones. So far I only fell off the wagon once and stopped at a courthouse to get a copy of a probate package from the 1870s.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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