Monday, December 27, 2010

Dr D's Paternal Grandmother Matches Your Genetic Genealogist's Mother

It looks like I am related to Your Genetic Genealogist. CeCe Moore, author of that blog, and I probably will never learn exactly how we are related. However, her mother and my first cousin, Ruth Addison, are exact Full Genome Sequence (FGS) matches. That means that the two match on all 16,569 locations on their mitochondrial DNA. Prior to getting this match last week, Ruth had three other exact matches. Two live in Finland and the third thinks his ancestors come from Finland or at least somewhere in Scandinavia.

For background on why I asked Ruth to test, read my blog post 

Testing Family Members As Surrogates, DNA Part 4 for April 17, 2010. My guess is that the match CeCe and I share is back in Finland in the 17th century or beyond. 

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