Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cleveland Public Cemetery Records Online

Those of you who have ancestors who may have died in Cleveland will want to check the new database created by the East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society, As reported by Dick Eastman in a recent issue of his newsletter, the database contains almost 359,000 records from the publically owned cemeteries in Cleveland. More than half that total come from just 2 cemeteries—Highland Park and Woodland. The dates covered vary. Some are from as early as 1813 (Alger); and others (Woodland) extend up to 2001. Dick says, “The online records typically include not only when and where the deceased died, but also how the person died, how old they were when they died, where they lived, who the undertaker was, and the date they were buried.” Cemetery plot maps are included and will be valuable if you find an ancestor and wish to visit their burial site.
If you use the All Cemeteries Cumulative Index, you may want to use your browser's "Find" command to quickly locate names of interest after you have opened the appropriate image.

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  1. Have had fun tromping around in some of those cemeteries during one of my visits to Cleveland - Alger, Calvary, Highland Park, Monroe, & West Park. Learned that Highland Park Cemetery has records for all city cemeteries. And that Calvary Cemetery also has records for St John's and St. Joseph's. But see that Calvary is not on the indexed list, prob because not a city cemetery.