Friday, January 28, 2011

Is AOL Scamming Its Customers?

Dick Eastman just posted the following to his blog which confirms a vague suspicion I have had for a while:

PC Magazine has an interesting article about an unethical business practice of AOL with many senior citizens in its list of victims. Since I see a LOT of AOL email addresses amongst the subscribers of this newsletter, I thought I would suggest you double-check your AOL bills. Dan Costa writes in a PC Magazine article:, of course, is free. It used to be a pay service, but has been free for years. You can access the, read all of its content, and check your e-mail without paying a dime. If you already pay for an account, however, AOL will continue to bill you. And evidently, that makes AOL a LOT of money.
You can read the full article at:,2817,2376166,00.asp

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