Friday, September 16, 2011 Releases the 1930 Mexico National Census FREE

MarketWatch reports a press release from that announces:

"With nearly 13 million records, the newly available 1930 Mexico National Census (El Quinto Censo General de Poblacion y Vivienda 1930, Mexico) is the most comprehensive historical Mexican census available online(1). It is estimated that this census counted approximately 90 percent of the population, therefore for nearly 30 million Americans who can trace their families to Mexico, it provides a valuable gateway to begin researching Mexican family history, especially if family, vital or religious records are lost." 

Many more details about this resource are available in English or más información en español.

Begin your research in the 1930 Mexico Census for free by visiting:

This was the Mexican Flag in 1930 (Wikipedia)

If you open the pages at using Google Chrome as your browser, it will translate them from English to Spanish or from Español a Inglés. If you are using another browser or just want to translate text, go to for a wide variety of automatic translation options. If you enter the URL (web address) in the search box for a page you need translated, Google will try to translate as much of that page as possible.

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