Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sex in the Stone Age--Denisovan

The LATimes calls it:
More Paleolithic than prurient, the new documentary “Sex in the Stone Age” details a remarkable discovery in the Siberian wilderness: archaelogical evidence of a heretofore-unknown species of prehistoric human. (National Geographic, 10 p.m.)
Is it possible early modern man interbred with other types of humans, creating an entirely new hybrid person? Sex in the Stone Age delves into an evolutionary mystery that could revolutionize our understanding of who our ancestors really were. Ancient human fragments are found in Siberia, and DNA testing shows that they are neither a Neanderthal nor a modern human, but another human group previously unknown to science.
Do you know about the Denisovan?

Genetic genealogist Ann Turner, MD, tells us:
The complete genome was just released in February:
I Googled denisovan genome browser and found a link in this news item:

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