Friday, November 15, 2013

BIG Y Tests Begin Processing

At the moment I'm riding the crest of the BIG Y-SNP tsunami. Both my kit and that of my deceased father-in-law are showing on our respective personal pages at FTDNA as: 

So we seem to have made it into a batch that started processing on Wednesday. IF all goes well, I should have my results available to contemplate as I watch the ball drop on New Years Eve. 

It would be unusual if a project as "big" as BIG Y actually came off without a hitch and on schedule. However, miracles do happen. As some of you have heard me say, I was born in Missouri, the "Show-Me" state, and l an a slow learner. Therefore I believe most things two weeks after I see them. 

So the first batch may or may not come back on time. I'm not sure how often batches will be started. That depends on how many orders are received. So the second batch of BIG Y tests may be a decent interval behind the first.

With Y STRs my Dowell DNA project has been able to reconstruct the exact 111 marker results of my 6th great-grandfather Philip Dowell who died in 1733 in Southern Maryland. Where was he or his ancestors before he showed up as an established tobacco planter in the 1690s and where did he get all his "guY DNA?" My voyage of discovery takes on a new leg -- surfing the BIG-Y. 

UPDATE: FTDNA has posted this FAQ:

How soon will I have my BIG Y results?
We plan to release the first set of BIG Y results in February 2014.

Does anyone want to start a pool to predict the date I'll actually get my results?

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