Friday, May 2, 2014

myOrigins Is In Secret Beta

Family Tree DNA's successor to Population Finder, myOrigins is now in secret beta. This is not a review of the product. That will come after I have time to complete a more thorough test drive. At first glance it has many interesting features. 

If you do have access to the product during the beta test, I encourage you to test it thoroughly and report any bugs or difficulties, along with any other comments, directly back to the design team promptly. All of us will benefit if this product can be made better. 


  1. Looks decent enough. And it looks like the map can be moved around, especially since I have ancestry going back to 3 different areas.

  2. You might want to redact the names of your matches for privacy and upload the photo again.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    You raise a good point. However, in this case the matches for whom I have blown their cover are close family members who have given permission for their results to be used for illustration purposes.

  4. How did you find out you had access? Did you get an email or just log in and see it? I'm logging in to my numerous accounts one by one...

  5. Valerie,
    The way into this feature now seems to be through the project administrator's page and then the "My Origins" column is the 2nd from the left. If the project member has taken Family Finder, there will be a "View" link.

    There will be a webinar on Monday at 12 Noon Houston time to introduce this product.