Thursday, August 28, 2014

FTDNA End of Summer Sale

I'm happy to pass along this notice which just appeared in my email box because we all benefit when more people are tested and the databases of potential matches grow bigger:

Dear Beloved Bloggers,

We hope you've had a great summer!  As the season draws to a close, join us for one last celebration with our End of Summer Y-DNA Sale!  Customers can order a Y-DNA test and join the world's largest Y-DNA database today.  All Y-DNA tests and upgrades have been marked down for significant savings!

Time is limited.  The sale ends 9/3/2014.

As an added bonus, Big Y is also on sale for just
$495.  Big Y coupons acquired during the Father's Day Sale can be used on Big Y orders placed during the End of Summer Sale.  With Big Y, 340,000 years of Y-DNA ancestry is just a test away!

Standard Tests
Regular Price
Sale Price
Big Y

Regular Price
Sale Price
Y-12 -> Y-37
Y-12 -> Y-67
Y-12 -> Y-111
Y-25 -> Y-37
Y-25 -> Y-67
Y-25 -> Y-111
Y-37 -> Y-67
Y-37 -> Y-111
Y-67 -> Y-111

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