Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday DNA Sales -- Part 2

FTDNA sure came up with a way to entertain for the next 5 weeks those of us who are DNA junkies. The introduction of the Mystery Reward to the sale is a game changer. If gives us a chance to open our presents (Mystery Reward) discount codes before Christmas -- actually every week. Now the tactical planning can begin. The currently available Mystery Rewards expire Sunday night. 

Apparently they come in 11 categories as Angela Robertson reported on the ISOGG Facebook site: "There are supposed to be 11 kinds of coupon codes. I have identified 10 of those 11 so far. (I don't have all these, but have been tabulating from posts I've seen.) Anyone know which one is missing?"
Now the tactics for a winning holiday genetic genealogy season quickly are coming to the fore. Since you will be offered a new Mystery Reward each week until the end of December, should you wait and hope for a "better" discount? Should you use the discount code you have before it expires on Sunday night? Should you give it to a family member or friend? Should you offer it to a fellow genetic genealogist? The codes are transferable but have a limited life. A secondary marked has already erupted on Facebook. 

If your Mystery Reward is not showing up on your MyFTDNA page you probably need to clear the cache of your browser and try again. That worked for me.


Another holiday sale appeared yesterday from Thomas and Astrid Krahn:

YSeq has also announced that all its extensive catalog of tests for individual yDNA SNPs are on sale for $19 per test. This sale is scheduled to end on December 3rd.

Join in the fun. No Black Friday sale has excited me like this in years.


  1. The final one is $25 off a YDNA kit

  2. Thanks Kelly. And Happy Holidays to you.

  3. Upon further review, the test reported by Kelly is a duplicate of the y37, y67 or y111 test previously reported by Angela. However, a $20 Family Finder reward seems to have surfaced.

  4. Wonder if the new round will up than ante any? I personally think the $5 codes are not ehlepful. Better to give free shipping on new kits. Has anyone fried using a Y 37 67 111 on an upgrade?