Monday, August 1, 2022

DNA Testing your DESCENDENTS with BIG Y 700--Part 2


Earlier this year I published a post that is part 1 of this post. In that I described testing my grandson and a couple of questions it raised.

  1. Did the one mutated ySTR between me and my grandson occur when my son was conceived or when my grandson was conceived?
  2. Will my son's terminal ySNP cover my grandson's "private variant" or is that variant the unique marker for my grandson? 

Now my son's test results are back and I have the answers to those questions and more! 
  1. My son and I are 111/111 marker exact ySTR matches so my grandson is the mutant. The mutation between me and my grandson that I reported in my previous post was formed when my grandson was conceived.
  2. My son's terminal ySNP does cover my grandson's "private variant". As of now neither of them are shown to have any private variants.
More exciting to me is that my son and grandson share a terminal ySNP, R-FTC50269, that I do not share. It appears to have been formed when my son was conceived in 1969. All patrilineal descendants of my son--and therefore of me--will forever carry this ySNP. FTDNA's new beta version of their Discovery tool illustrates this ySNP:

Your Y-DNA Haplogroup Report for R-FTC50269

The Y chromosome is passed on from father to son, remaining mostly unaltered from generation to generation, except for small trackable changes from time to time. By comparing these small differences in high-coverage test results, we can reconstruct a large Family Tree of Mankind where all Y chromosomes go back to a single common ancestor who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago. This tree allows us to explore paternal lineages through time and place and to uncover the modern history of your direct paternal surname line and the ancient history of your ancestors.



Haplogroup R-FTC50269 represents a man who is estimated to have been born around 50 years ago, plus or minus 100 years.

That corresponds to about 2000 CE with a 95% probability he was born between 1885 and 1998 CE.

R-FTC50269's paternal lineage branched off from R-FGC43697 and the rest of mankind about 100 years ago, plus or minus 50 years.

He is the most recent paternal line ancestor of all members of this group.

There are 2 DNA test-confirmed descendants, and they have specified that their direct paternal origins are from United States.

As more people test, the history of this genetic lineage might be further refined.


For more information about this ySNP click here.

It looks like testing the younger generation has given me a genetic coat of arms!

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