Sunday, March 14, 2010

Generations Project

For those of you who can get the BYU Channel on your cable or satellite TV (this is Channel 374 on our DirecTV), you may enjoy the Generations Project. It is sort of a WDYTYA featuring ordinary people. Of the several episodes we have watched, most have been very interesting. A couple have been less interesting and in one case there seemed to be about 30 minutes of content poured into a 60 minute slot. However, in fairness, there are no ads except at the beginning and/or end. As a result, there is more content to fill than on regular network TV. The new show each week seems to air at 7:00 PM Pacific time Monday nights and then repeat on Saturday at 12 PM, Sunday 10 AM, Monday 11 AM and finally at 5 PM--just a couple of hours before the next episode debuts.

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