Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lisa Kudrow is Focus of WDYTYA Friday Night

Lisa Kudrow is the focus of tomorrow's episode of WDYTYA. Lisa, of Friends fame, rides an emotional roller coaster as she explores the impact of the Holocaust on her family. Is there a happy ending?

There is at least one instance of anecdotal evidence that WDYTYA is appealing to a younger audience. John Roose, posted the following to the listserv of the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG):

"WDYTYA has proven very powerful in recruiting future genealogists! I have three grown children and only the youngest has shown even a mild interest in genealogy. However, WDYTYA has become a favorite TV program of her children - girls aged 9 and 6. The girls will not be home this Friday and insist it be taped; a must not miss program.

The older one has been taken with the ties to history of the first two programs - she "knew" the people and was amazed at the history that unfolded. The younger one was spellbound by Emmitt (for her, from both football and Dancing with the Stars) and his journey back to his roots in Africa. After going to bed, she came back crying. She wanted to know more about the selling of children, and why someone would do that. Mom said that provided an excellent opportunity for a very positive discussion. Both girls have talked about the programs with their classmates.

The net impact - totally positive - has been to interest a new generation in learning about their anccestors and where they might fit with history. WDYTYA is a powerful recruiting tool for now and the future."

For a tongue-in-cheek view of WDYTYA from the land of its birth, click on this link:

Happy viewing!

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