Monday, March 29, 2010

Join the local Genealogical Society

2 weeks ago I mailed membership checks to the Chicago GS and the Lake County GS in Illinois. Yesterday I was googling some old family addresses in Chicago and found the house that my parents and sister lived in just before I was born - for sale $90,000 with pictures and a few details. I'm hoping to "visit" some of these places when I go to Chicago in June. With google I could "travel" down the street and find my way to the closest Metra station (4 blocks away). My plan is to take public transportation (my hotel is in The Loop), but I'm concerned about personal safety.

So, this morning before I even had a chance to eat breakfast, I get a phone call from the membership chairman of the Chicago GS. I ask her if the Beverly neighborhood is a safe place to walk. She replies - "I have a good friend who lives on S. Charles St in the 9900's block". I said my family house was 9938 S. Charles - small world. She then offered to pick me up and drive me so she could visit her friend. She also is giving my contact info to her friend. Wow!

Sharon M

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    Be sure to let us know how your trip turns out. It already sounds like it will be fun.