Sunday, May 23, 2010

DAR Analytical Index Cards -- View Cards Online

This morning as I was preparing for my visit to the DAR Library next month, I discovered a resource that can be accessed from home. The DAR Analytical Index Cards file is a card file that indexes segments of books and other resources. It would be useful in locating a few pages about your ancestors that are included in a book primarily about another family or a larger community. The Index is made up of the images of the original cards which were previously available only in the Library in DC. I'm using it to identify documents to look at during my visit there. By organizing my research before I get to the Library, I will be able to more effectively use the limited time I will be able to spend on site.

Even if you are not planning to visit DC, this resource can be useful in identifying books and other resources that you may be able to find in other repositories. I am hoping using this file along with the DAR Library's online catalog in advance, before I leave home, will help my visit to the Library be more productive.

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