Saturday, May 15, 2010

East Coast Research Trip in June

If any of you live in the general area of Washington DC, I invite you to join us at the DAR Library in Washington on June 24th. A handful of cousins and research colleagues have already indicated they plan to be there. This is the second research day in DC for me. Actually started my genealogy research at the Library of Congress when I was a graduate student in the 1960s.

Three years ago when the American Library Association last met in DC, I met cousin on my mom's Cashatt line, Ida Cann and her husband David, Sally Keefer, a cousin on my dad's Pierce line and Wayne Smithey a research colleague on my stepson's Smithey line at the Library of Congress for a day of research in the Local History and Genealogy Room. All of the original cast members plan to return this year when ALA returns to DC. The other four live in the extended DC area. This year cousin George Dowell and Jerry McCabe, my long time conference roommate have indicated they plan to join us.

If you live nearby or otherwise plan to be in the area on June 24th, you are more than welcome to join us. This year Wayne indicated he would prefer the DAR Library because of its open stack arrangement. Both the DAR and LC are among my favorite research spots.

DC will be the last destination of my June voyage of family discovery, reunion and research. On June 2nd I plan to fly to Nashville for the birth of a new grandson and some quality time with his big brother Noah who is now almost 3. Two weeks later I'm flying to Baltimore and pick up a rental car. Then I will drive up to the Philadelphia area to do some research in the Quaker records at Swarthmore College. Then I'll continue up the coast to a Wing Family Reunion in Hyannis, MA. On my return trip I plan to spend a couple of days in Delaware researching my ancestors who settled in New Sweden in the 17th Century. Then back to the DC area.

I would be happy to see any of you at any stop along the trail. Actually I'll be at the DAR on both the 24th and 25th. On the 24th I will be researching in the Library all day. On the 25th I am attending an all day workshop "Behind the Genealogical Reference Desk" which is primarily designed for librarians who help family history researchers. Then after a few days attending other ALA meetings, I'll return to the left coast on Tuesday, June 29th.

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