Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Granite Mountain Vault

Have your heard of the Vault? It is the underground storage area where the LDS Church stores the archive copy of all the images they have collected related to family history. When I was in Salt Lake City last month to attend the National Genealogical Society Annual Conference, we were given a video tour of the Vault and its role in preserving the information that allows us to do family history research. We were also given an update of the colossal project underway to convert the vast microform collection to digital format.

That video tour is now available for for viewing on your computer screen.
1. Granite Mountain Vault -- Part 1
2. Converting Microfilm to Digital Media -- Part 2
3. FamilySearch filmed the vital records before a 2004 cyclone destroyed much of the island of Niue and thus saved this town's records of its history -- Part 3

You will probably have to click on the Play icon on the viewer to get the films to begin to play.

If these videos open small on your monitor screen, you should be able to download them to RealPlayer through your browser. Then they can be viewed in full screen mode. RealPlayer is a free download add on for most popular browsers. To accomplish this try right clicking on the image shown in the viewer after the video has started. If "Download This Video To RealPlayer" pops up on your screen, you are on your way. After the download is completed, you and play it. You also should be able to increase the image size to full screen mode by clickin on the maximize button in the upper right corner of the viewer screen.

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