Friday, October 1, 2010

Comments to Posts on this Blog

Thank you "Anonymous" for your supportive post. It is always reassuring to find that Elizabeth Shown Mills agrees with one's position. However, in reading your comment, I realized something about the capability or lack of capability of this blog. URLs listed in comments apparently cannot be made clickable.  Elizabeth's original 2005 post "Re: Kissing Cousins", can be linked in an original post but not in a comment about a post. That's unfortunate. It is also unfortunate that readers don't even see comments unless they read the fine print at the end of posts and see the "Comments" button there. If you are interested in following the links listed in the comment posted yesterday by Anonymous, the easiest way would be to follow the link to Ms. Mills' post and  then click on the links therein. Some of them may not pertain directly to "half-cousin" as content on some of the sites has changed over the five intervening years.

Comments are always welcome to posts on this site.

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