Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Free Genealogy Software

Today in the Plus edition of his daily genealogy newsletter, Dick Eastman did his annual update of his favorite free genealogical toys. Topping the list is his favorite free genealogy software. For Windows users they were "RootsMagic Essentials (, click on “RootsMagic Essentials”) and Legacy Family Tree 7.4 (" Dick can't decide which one he likes best. "They are both great programs but are quite different from each other." He continues, "I am amazed that these companies produce such good software free of charge. You might want to upgrade someday to the paid versions but many people never will." I should clarify that if you want to download the free version of Legacy you need to chose the "Standard" edition.

Dr D is a Windows kind of guy and uses the full version of RootsMagic as his software. He also has the full version of Legacy on his computer but never could find enough of interest to bother to switch to it for daily use.

For those of you who are of the Mac persuasion, Dick only has one recommendation. "The only free Macintosh genealogy program I would consider is Personal Ancestry Writer II (often called PAW2U).... However, it does not contain all the advanced features of the free Windows genealogy programs, such as RootsMagic Essentials and Legacy Family Tree 7.0. Personal Ancestry Writer II is available at"

To read about the rest of Dick's "My 65 Favorite Free Applications, Webapps, and Software Tools for Windows and Macintosh" you need a subscription to the "Plus" edition of his newsletter. The basic edition is delivered daily to your email box free of charge.

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