Friday, October 22, 2010

US National Archives Ordering Process Goes Digital

The process for ordering documents from the US National Archives has now gone digital. According to a mailer distributed by the National Archives Trust Fund Board, you can now "order online at and get your digitized National Archives records faster and at no extra cost!" Of course as with most thing the devil is in the details. The statement quoted above is limited by "Some exclusions apply."

However, this appears to be a significant step in the direction of faster service to the genealogy community. The mailer you can:

Enjoy the convenience of ordering Nation Archives documents online. Pay the same as you do for paper copies and get your digitized documents faster!" (again some exclusions apply) "Digitized records of most interest to genealogists include--
* Immigration and Naturalization Records
* Land Files
* Military Service and Pension Records
* Court Records
* World War I Draft Registration Cards
* Native American Records
* Census Pages"
You are invited to call 800-234-8861 for details if you do not find what you want to know on the order page.

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