Tuesday, April 19, 2011

111 Marker Y-chromosome Results Back From The Lab

My report on extending my Y-chromosome test for markers 68 to 111 are back from the lab. Actually, they have probably been back since the middle of the week. However, it appears that the testing company has not yet refined their logistical structure fully support customers taking this new test. So far I have not had the notice that I have come to expect from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) when new results have been posted. That kind of snag may be expected with the first few batches of results.  

For now I know what my results are but that is fairly meaningless. I may have been in the first batch to be tested. DNA test results for genealogical purposes really only take on meaning when they can be compared with the results of significant others. 

The results were originally promised by the end of May but are already posted to my results page at FTDNA. I hope such prompt turn-around service will continue. I have a distant cousin in the next batch who so far has matched me 67/67. I eagerly await his results so that we can start establishing a base line for the DNA of our common ancestor.  

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