Friday, April 15, 2011

One Day DNA Test Sale

I realize this is short notice. My mitigating circumstance is that my priority the next few days are my 3 year old and almost 1 year old grandchildren who are visiting from Nashville. I hope you were forewarned of the possibility of this flash sale by my previous post. If you do order today, be sure to use the sale discount code and always order through a project if possible for the best price and follow-up contacts. Below is what Family Tree DNA says about the sale:

DNA Day is April 15th! Starting at 12:00 PM on April 14th, join the celebration!

New customers:
Y-DNA12…… $59
Y-DNA37…… $129
mtDNA……… $59
Family Finder… $199
Family Finder + Y-DNA12… $258
Family Finder + mtDNA…… $258
Family Finder + mtFullSequence + Y-DNA67 …  $657

Y-DNA12 add-on …  $59
Y-DNA12 to 37…… $69
Y-DNA37 to 67…… $79
Y-DNA12 to 67…… $148
mtDNA add-on ……  $59
mtFull Sequence upgrade …  $199
mtFull Sequence add-on ... $219
Family Finder add-on …  $199

To take advantage of these promotional prices use the coupon code: DNADAY2011

The coupon code will expire on Friday at midnight (CT).

Please note, the Y-DNA67 to 111 upgrade will remain at the introductory rate of $101 (no coupon necessary) until the end of this promotion. The price will be $129 going forward.

Payment must be received at the time of the order. Valid only on products listed. No substitutions. This promotion was announced in advance, therefore no adjustments will be made on previous purchases. Offer valid from 12:00 PM CT on Thursday, April 14, until 11:59 PM CT on April 15, 2011.

This promotion is not valid in combination with any other promotions. Family Tree DNA reserves the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized or ineligible use of discounts
and to modify or cancel these promotional discounts due to system error or unforeseen problems. Subject to change without notice.        

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